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Be A PH ESL Teacher In China

I have been getting tons of emails and facebook messages. Everyday. Every hour. People have been asking about how to become an ESL teacher in China. It Always Seems Impossible Until It’s Done Some believe it was impossible. Then I wrote a detailed blog about it. After the article was written and shared across Facebook and organically found via Google, […]

What Defines A Qualified Filipino ESL Teacher

Online and classroom-based ESL firms abound in the Philippines. Employers originating mostly from South Korea, China, Vietnam, Japan, and God knows where else have set up companies that employ thousands of Filipino English teachers. What Makes You Think We Are Effective Our country is undeniably open to anything English. From TV commercials, billboards, textbooks, signages, newspapers, to even our laws, […]

All You Need Is One

Hello! My name is Rose and I am currently working as an English Teacher at Peking University Affiliated Kindergarten here in Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia. To give a word that best describes my life, it is “grace”. In the Bible, grace is simply receiving a gift from God that you actually don’t deserve. I’ve been to a lot of failures […]

Hotelier To ESL Teacher

Never have I thought that I would end up back again as an educator let alone being an ESL teacher! Let me walk you through to my not-so drastic change in my career and give you an itsy bitsy introduction and career background of myself, Danah Rose Cruzado at your service since 1993! A 100% Filipina who got a degree […]

Why Did I Teach In China

Teaching is a vocation, a calling and not just merely a profession. Not everyone who graduated with Bachelor’s Degree in Education from university was truly qualified to teach, yet some who were non-Education graduates were more qualified to be teachers. Before I continue, let me first introduce myself. I am Marvin Alejandro Tuazon, a Filipino citizen, 32 years old and an […]