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This community website is the place for Filipino teachers to find jobs, free resources, get found by students, share ideas and experiences with peers, and keep up with all things ESL.

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Teachr is a great place to connect with other ESL professionals. Fellow teachers may offer a wealth of resources, suggestions and success stories, and support.

It’s our wish to help you establish meaningful connections within this vibrant community to support you along all stages of your teaching journey.

We also feature a wide variety of jobs. Some can be done from the comfort and convenience of your own home and others require relocation to another country.

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The last time you were stuck on a problem, did you fix it all on your own? Or did you call up a trusted friend and ask a peer for some advice?

By participating in our community, you automatically expand your network and circle of contacts. As a result, it becomes exponentially easier for you to ask for help, share information and resources, and find new career and teaching opportunities.

Even more, being an active community member can enhance your personal and professional reputation. As you build your social network, you’ll find more like-minded community members that want to help you realize your next big idea.